About 08Gamer

08gamer.com is an old project that two close childhood friends started up for testing their opportunities, but as much else came in the way and they got it harder and harder with time for the project. Until the end they unfortunately had to take the devastated decided together to shut it down when there was no other alternatives.

Several years later, one of these friends got an idea because he has grown tired that he had to look crazy online to find different solutions to different IT related things. With blessing from his friend, he started up the domain as a new kind of project. In the first step, all posts are going to be built on solutions that he have done or took help of in his working life. In order for it to be so correct and true as possible (it can happend things has been change so some of the soloution might no work anymore). In the future, it might be interesting to add other people’s solutions too.

This will be a very interesting journey, hope see you around here during our trip to see where ever it lead us to.

Thank you for visiting 08Gamer.com

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