How to fetch ESX config with SSH

If you cant connect to ESX with SSH
If you can, you can scroll down to ” SSH to EXS host login with the root”

Login to Vcenter with Vmwarevsphere web client
Pick Esx, pick Manage to the left, then you will have a menu called Settings.
Then you go to the Security Profile.

ESX config with SSH 1

Now you can click on Edit (not sure if it’s necessary to mark SSH?)

ESX config with SSH 2

Mark SSH and click on Start or Stop depending on what you want to do

ESX config with SSH 3

SSH to EXS host login with root

Run this command: vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/backup_config
Bundle can be downloaded at : http://*/downloads/random.url/configBundle-localhost.tgz
Replace * with IP for that ESX host.
Surf to that URL and you can download the config file

And you’re done.

Don’t forget to turn off SSH to EXS if that you want

HP Switch Commands

SwitchNameNo = replaced with the name of the real switch name, you will see when you log in on the switch, with Putty for example.

SwitchNameNo# show interfaces brief    =    This command will show all port if they are active or not example below

  Port  Type      | Alert     Enabled Status Mode       Mode  Ctrl  Limit

  —– ——— + ——— ——- —— ———- —– —– ——

  4     100/1000T | No        Yes     Up     1000FDx    MDI   off   0 Activity

  5     100/1000T | No        Yes     Down   1000FDx    MDIX  off    No Activity

SwithNameNo # conf t  =  Enter config

SwitchNameNameNo (config)# vlan 999   =  You will enter vlan 999

SwitchNameNo (vlan-999)# untagged 6   =  Remove vlan tag on port in the vlan 999

SwitchNamehNo (vlan-999)# tagged Trk3   =  Tag vlan 999 to a Trunk

SwitchNameNo (vlan-999)# tagged 6   =  Tag a port to a specific vlan

SwitchNameNo (vlan-205)# show run   =  Show information about all port on the switch

SwitchNameNo (config)# wr mem  =  “publish your change to the Switch”

SwitchNameNo (config)# write memory   =  “publish your change to the Switch”

SwitchNameNo (vlan-201)# exit   =  Exit specific location you are, you repeat that you will finally logout.

Note: if you do not for example run wr mem when you are done,
all the change will be gone, if something happens to the switch that force it to reboot or lose power.

Black screen

Computer with Black screen

Do you have a pc with a black screen, and nothing seems to happen when you press the power button?
Maybe have even tried plug-in power adapter but still, nothing happens?

Try this older version of the laptop is easier to do this.
1. Remove power adapter
2. Remove the batteries, this can be tricky with today slim batteries
Take help if you are not sure, there will probably be YouTube video how you do it.
3. Then that’s done press power button for about 10 – 20 sec.
4. The step you can plug in the only adapter and try or install batteries again try.

But make sure both are not installed when you turn on the machine the first time.

Hope did help you with your problem, and you can get back working with your computer as before.

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Bitlocker Lockout

Bitlocker lockout

You are not allowed to change the pin and don’t remember the old one.

Option 1

To reset the TPM lockout

  1. Open the TPM MMC (tpm.msc).
  2. In the Action pane, click Reset TPM Lockout to start the Reset TPM Lockout Wizard.
  3. Choose one of the following methods to enter the TPM owner password:
    1. If you saved your TPM owner password to a .tpm file, click I have the owner password file, and then type the path to the file, or click Browse to navigate to the file location.
    1. If you want to manually enter your TPM owner password, click I want to enter the owner password, and then type the password in the text box provided.

If Step 1 did not work go to, Option 2
(be careful when you do this so you do not mess up entire BitLocker, this work when we did it, does not mean it will work for you)

Log in to BIOS on the machine, we will try to reset Security Chip memory by selecting another option, that will reset the chip.

If your OS or some other reason don’t want to run on that Chip selection, change it back.

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Synology format is not supported apple tv

Have you recorded something with your iPhone or Ipad and can’t be played on your Apple TV.

Then try out this formats setting change in your iPhone or Ipad
First, go into Setting, after that, you go into Camera then you pick Formats.

It’s probably on High Efficiency, change it to Most Compatible

After that, I hope it will start working for you.
Remember that this change will only affect recording that will be done for now on after the change, not them before the change in the past.

If you run in trouble copy a large file or large quantity of files read this post

Samsung S6 dark screen

You try this on your own risk, helpt when we stumble into this problem.

Your phone seems to be dead, black screen.
You cant boot it up if you plug-in power supply nothing happens.
You cant remove the batterie like the older model, then there can be a problem right now.

What we did was

Boot in Safe Mode

1. Long press the Volume Down and Poor On/Off button together for 15 seconds or so and wait for your phone to vibrate.

2. Once you see “Samsung” on the screen, release all the buttons.
As you release all the button it will not go into safe mode.

So then it started to boot up as nothing had happened since then it has been work as it should again and all the data was intact.

Restart XEROX WorkCentre 7845

Step 1 Software restart
Step 2 soft restart
Step 3 Hard restart

Step 1 Software restart

Software reset
On the printer display up to the right, it should say, guest
Click on it and login with admin (password can be found in

Printer – XEROX WorkCentre 7845
After logging in it should say admin up to the right.

A button to the left bottom corner (on the side of the displayer).
Click on it

Click after that Tools

Then Troubleshooting


Software reset

Now the computer will do a restart that can take a while.

Step 2 soft restart

If this did not help, try soft restart

Soft reset (hard reset can you find on the next page)
Look for this button push-off, make sure no work is on when you do this.

The printer will now start to shut down, then it’s done you can push on again.
It will take about 10 min to start up the printer. Make sure networks cable is connected then you turn it on.

If this did not help, try Hard restart

Step 3 Hard restart

Hard restart

Look for this button push-off, make sure no work is on when you do this.

Then the screen is black look for this button on the picture below

You can find it to the left of the toners are placed.

Turn it off.

Now it’s time to move the printer so you can access the other side of the printer.
Look for this place of the printer

Pull the power core, then hold in the white button, for 30 sec.
A hint, follow network cable from the card reader to the printer open that hatch.
You will find a small display, then it turns black you can release the white button.

Then after that plugin power core, turn on the last button and for the last turn on the button you turned off first.

If the Display only shows a dot . (not like the picture because it not only a dot on it) then the printer is all good, anything else is error message then contact Customer Support for the Xerox printer

Find my BitLocker recovery key

If you don’t know your BitLocker key but you have your BitLocker recovery key, you can use that recovery key to unlock your drive. The BitLocker recovery key is a 32-digit number stored on your computer. Here’s how to find your recovery key.

  • Places to look for your BitLocker recovery key
    • On a printout, you saved: Look in places you keep important papers.
    • On a USB flash drive: Plug the USB flash drive into your locked PC and follow the instructions. If you saved the key as a text file on the flash drive, use a different computer to read the text file.
    • In your Microsoft account: Sign in on another computer or phone to see Bitlocker recovery keys. 
    • In your Azure Active Directory account: For work PCs where you sign in with an Azure Active Directory account, to get your recovery key, see the device info for your Microsoft Azure account.
    • In your on-prem Active Directory, where organization have done this is how to configure then you can get it from Active Directory. Contact IT support if you not part of it.

if you have problems logging in and don’t know your recovery key
try this it might work.

Reboot vSphere VCenter Host

Login on vSphere Client against your vSphere host

Look for your host machine

Then go to Summary and check Host: (ESXi IP)

Now start a new vSphere session (on the same machine or on another) to reach that IP login on that ESXi host.

When you are in, look for host machine again what should found somewhere on this host.

When you found it

There is two ways to go now
1. right-click and pick guest reboot (a simple reboot might not be good options).

2. Open Console on that machine, Press F12
Then Press again F12, now you probably need to log in with a root account.

After having login with the root account.
Press F11 reboot