Trust relationship failed

Do you have a login problem with a domain-joined computer?
Do you get a message like image blow?

Windows machines trust relationship has failed

Then your computer is has lost its trust relationship and it has failed.
This happened to me after I needed to restore a server.

If you have access to a local account or a cached account you can still log in on it.

To solve this:
Remove the machine from the domain
and take it back into the domain again.

Remember this!

*Make sure have access local admin account on the machine before removing it from the domain, or else it will be hard to log in

* Make sure to have access to an account that can bring the machine back into the domain after logged in with local admin, and that is connected to a network so it can talk to domain controller.

* If its a windows 10 machine and you can’t log on it, try this guide.

I hope this can help you with the restore Trust relationship that had failed in your domain.

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