Hogia Lön remove License

First, you start Hogia Lön software

Then you can pick any ”Företag” company

Login in with a user that will quite

Pick Arkiv, after that Inställningar…

Then you click on Avancerade Inställningar…
Now you have a new windows pick avregistrera licens

Hogia Lön add or remove user

Do you want to create och remove a user from a company?
And you haft to do this on every company

First, you start Hogia software

Pick ”Företag” company

Login in

Then you go to Behörighet, and after that pick Ändra behörigheter

Pick the account you want to remove and click on Ta bort…

If you want to create a user you pick Ny… (skip this step if you want to remove)

Type user name
Pick a password and then OK

Check every box, beside one and don’t pick it or else the account can get really bad.

And pick Alla under Kategorier, then pick OK

Pick YES