Change your password on a Mac

You can change your Active Directory password on the Mac System OS X.  Changing your Active Directory password will change it for all computers and services that use Active Directory.

  • For  OS X 10.4 and 10.5

1.  Log in with your AD acct.  (e111223)
2.  From the Apple Menu in the top left, select System Preferences.

3.  Click on the Accounts button in the lower left.

4.  Click ‘Change Password’

5.  Enter your old password once and your new password twice.  Click ‘Change Password’  to save.

Join a Mac to the domain

First change computer name

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Sharing
  3. Click on edit and type the new computer name

Now time to join the Mac to the domain

  1. Click the back button to go back to System Preferences and choose Accounts
  • Click the Lock to make changes to these settings. Then click the Join button next to Network Account Server
  • Fill in domain joining name

Then make sure the correct computer is displayed in the next window and enter a domain account that can invite the computer into the domain.