Create user in OTRS

Create a user OTRS with a federation with Windows Active directory.

First, you haft to check Active Directory if the user is a member of the correct groups.

After picked correct groups you go to OTRS   then

fill in what is necessary for the form

The rest of the form for creating an agent can be the default

Then you go back to  and pick

Look for the user you have created and click on him, pick what roles the user should have.

Upgrade OTRS

The user who login has to be Super admin, go to

After that look for OTRS Business Solution (if that is the solution you are running).

On this page, there will be a button that says something like “click here to update”
Just click on it and wait a few mins and then it’s done.

It can be good to try it when the workload is not as its best.

OTRS Templates

Go to   then to

There you can create a template

Attachments part, don’t touch it.

When don Click on submit

Now Go to   then to

Click on your template and pick what group is allowed to use it


OTRS Fetching not work

Remember this might not work on your server it’s all up to you how your setup is.

putty to your OTRS Server

  1. Navigate to /opt/otrs/ then run
    sudo su – otrs -c ‘/opt/otrs//bin/ start’
    If the service is already running continue the guide

  2. Run this command
    ps -e | grep otrs

  3. Run this command
    (If you only get hits that is named you can run next command)
    sudo pkill -9 otrs
    if you other hits too, run this command sudo kill “pid nr” (without “”)

  4. Run this command
    sudo su – otrs -c ‘ bin/ Maint::PostMaster::MailAccountFetch –force-pid’

    after you have run the command, just wait till it’s done (will look like image below)

  5. Run this command
    sudo su – otrs -c ‘/opt/otrs//bin/ start’

  6. Run this command
    ps -e | grep otrs
    (check if processes are active again)