Export PST File Outlook

You want to know how to export pst file, for a backup och safekeeping.
If its someone else mailbox doesn’t forget GDPR is not happy about that.
Anyway, now I show you step by step how to export pst from outlook.

Export PST File on users computer (Windows):

  1. Change the password for the user
  2. (if you don’t have a password to that user’s account)
  3. Logon to a machine with Outlook
  4. Add the Office365 account
  5. Turn off cached mode
  6. Open Outlook
  7. File > Open & Export > Import/Export
  8. Export to a file > pst
  9. Select the whole account
  10. Save the file at example external HDD

Fight spam with new outlook add-in

A feature in Outlook

We have added a new feature and you will soon have it in your outlook, just keep it online.
It can be found underneath Home in outlook.

So what is so special with this add-ins?
As we are depending as many other companies on office365 protection.
But we all can help out to make it better, by report emails that we see that are Junk, Phishing or not junk.

So if you see junk/spam phishing email report it, when you do that you will get a message like this.

This add-in can be published to entire organization or specific people or group.

Read more about fight against spam

Outlook 2016 + o365 keeps asking for credentials

There is a new registry key, DisableAADWAM, which replaces DisableADALatopWAMOverride in newer builds of Office.

See if this helps


We highly recommend deleting the reg key once the fix is out from Microsoft.

Outlook is offline

Start with restart outlook if that not helping processed

 How do you know when you’re working offline or online in Outlook? There are visual cues, starting with the status bar at the bottom of your Outlook window. If either of the following status indicators is shown, it means Outlook isn’t connected to your mail server.


You can’t send or receive email until you reconnect.

Status: Working Offline

Working offline usually is a choice. Returning to an online work mode is a simple process.

In Outlook, on the Send/Receive tab, choose Work Offline to reconnect.

Reboot the computer

Outlook Cached mode Remove or add

First start Outlook

Step 1. Click on File
Step 2. Click on Account Settings, then you will click on Account Settings again in the new window.

Step 3 Double click on your name

Step 4 If you want to remove cached mode unmark Offline settings, like the image, or check the box if you want to have offline Caching.