Password Security

Passwords are a major problem in today’s society when it comes to security. Companies try to be smart and make it difficult for perpetrators by introducing a company policy that says that you have to change your password very often because it will be difficult for the perpetrator to get a password that holds then.

That’s what they think …

The problem is we humans are unlucky overall when there will be loads of different passwords randomly in our heads.
So forcing users to change passwords often will only lead to passwords becoming weaker and easier for the perpetrator to crack them.

For example, a password is Company20201 and next time they need to change then the risk is that they will change it very simple for them like Company20202 and so on because they have to do that too often.

Another trick for figuring out anyone’s password is a corporate name, siblings, children, pets, where the person lives. These points should be avoided.

Suggestions are to have some type of password manager there are several out there. Such as, which is very popular in the private sector. Then you can use some kind of password manager, for example, to generate the password.
There many sites like that out there.

So the passwords become very difficult but at the same time, you have for example KeePass so you don’t need to keep track of them or remember them all.

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Security two-factor authentication

There are many users out there that have never heard of two-factor authentication but why?
Nowadays with all cyber attacking, Hacking, Spamming, Spoofing, ransomware and much more out there.

People should be more careful, and the company should take extra thought around security.
There are two big problems one is money for some that would we big investment and that might not be worth it according to too them. The other problem is that Security is strong as its weakest link and that is a big problem almost everywhere which means mankind is the week link.

So what are the benefits of two-factor authentication?
The advantage is that we need to get in from old secret usernames and passwords because this is a major weakness to infinitely many different systems.

Two-factor authentication means is an extra layer of security. So username and password are not enough anymore. Without including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or other Authenticator from trusted companies using RFC 6238

Statistics have shown that this remedy can reduce those affected by more than 90% there are many.
Imagine your Banks, Trading, authorities, etc who handle money or sensitive information.

But security is usually an expensive expense until a problem arises, but then it can be too late. Take for example a Norwegian company for the cost ransomware attack over 57m dollars it is a lot of money.
It can grow quickly when something goes wrong.

So they should start thinking about it, because rather pay extra for raising security not just two-factor authentication, because if I go wrong I then there is a risk that it will be expensive and many people can lose their job on this.

Change your password on a Mac

You can change your Active Directory password on the Mac System OS X.  Changing your Active Directory password will change it for all computers and services that use Active Directory.

  • For  OS X 10.4 and 10.5

1.  Log in with your AD acct.  (e111223)
2.  From the Apple Menu in the top left, select System Preferences.

3.  Click on the Accounts button in the lower left.

4.  Click ‘Change Password’

5.  Enter your old password once and your new password twice.  Click ‘Change Password’  to save.