SafeCome Administrator

Want to check the sync log?

And you will see the logs in that window.

You can find them at C:\Program Files\SafeCom\SafeComG4\Logfiles

For example Date.Time Error! Max user delete violation! 21.4% >= 10.0%
This error means that it wants to delete more than 10% of the users in Safecome, this can be due to massive clean up in our AD.

Powershell Add printer

Remember this command only work on the user who is logged in on the computer has access to this network space (if its network printer queue)

add-printer -connectionname \server\location.of.printer.que

Restart XEROX WorkCentre 7845

Step 1 Software restart
Step 2 soft restart
Step 3 Hard restart

Step 1 Software restart

Software reset
On the printer display up to the right, it should say, guest
Click on it and login with admin (password can be found in

Printer – XEROX WorkCentre 7845
After logging in it should say admin up to the right.

A button to the left bottom corner (on the side of the displayer).
Click on it

Click after that Tools

Then Troubleshooting


Software reset

Now the computer will do a restart that can take a while.

Step 2 soft restart

If this did not help, try soft restart

Soft reset (hard reset can you find on the next page)
Look for this button push-off, make sure no work is on when you do this.

The printer will now start to shut down, then it’s done you can push on again.
It will take about 10 min to start up the printer. Make sure networks cable is connected then you turn it on.

If this did not help, try Hard restart

Step 3 Hard restart

Hard restart

Look for this button push-off, make sure no work is on when you do this.

Then the screen is black look for this button on the picture below

You can find it to the left of the toners are placed.

Turn it off.

Now it’s time to move the printer so you can access the other side of the printer.
Look for this place of the printer

Pull the power core, then hold in the white button, for 30 sec.
A hint, follow network cable from the card reader to the printer open that hatch.
You will find a small display, then it turns black you can release the white button.

Then after that plugin power core, turn on the last button and for the last turn on the button you turned off first.

If the Display only shows a dot . (not like the picture because it not only a dot on it) then the printer is all good, anything else is error message then contact Customer Support for the Xerox printer