Set time limit disconnected session

Change Remote Connection on Terminal Server

Run gpedit.msc

Administrative Templates Windows Components Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Sessions Host Session Time Limits

Edit Set time limit for disconnected Sessions

Now you have set up a local group policy for this server and set a limit time for disconnected sessions

Determine who is locking access to a file on a Windows-based file server

Open the Computer Management Console on the correct server

Right-click on “My Computer” and choose “Manage”; or enter “compmgmt.msc” at a command line or from Run as accessed from the Start Menu.

Review “Open Files” for all “Shared Folders”

Click on “Shared Folders” to expand the hierarchical menu and then select “Open Files”. You should now be provided with a list of files and associated directories that are currently being accessed on the available network shares. All files that are currently being accessed and which users are currently accessing them should now be displayed; as well as the “Type”, “# Locks”, and “Open Mode” for each specific file.

Add DNS in Microsoft DNS Manager

Connect to the server that has DNS Manager

Open the tool/program DNS Manager (can’t find it? Run: dnsmgmt.msc)

So if you want to add for example your pick
You haft to navigate your way on the left sidebar (Step 3)

Step 3
Right Click on the test and pick add a new host (A or AAA)
Does the source exist but more records pointing to the same pick CNAME

4. The First field you write your pick
The third field you write IP address like

Add host

Right-click on the Zone you just changed and choose Update Server Data File

Now you can open a CMD prompt and try pinging the URL and see the IP-address in the response.

(You might have to write: ipconfig -flushdns


Connecting to incontrol server

I want to connect to the incontrol server with incontrol.
start CMD and run this command

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Clavister\InControl\Client\ICC.exe” -authenticationMethod MSDomain -host hostname -port ****”

Replace hostname with a server name
**** with correct port

Make sure that the person is a member of the correct AD-groups if you have AD-Groups that controls this.