Change Language setting on E1 + shared mailbox

  • Surf to

  • Pick Outlook

  • Click on your profile and pick Open Another Mailbox

  • Type in what mailbox you want to open (make sure you have access to it)

  • When you have entered that mailbox, click on settings search for Language and region

  • Here you can change the language and time zone,
    don’t forget to click Save when you are done

Warning 1 after you have saved it might take a while for the change depends on you are running cached mode in your outlook or not.

Warning 2 OWA for this mailbox will not be accessed in the web browser for while due to this

How to add autoreply on shared mailbox o365

To set the auto-reply for the shared mailbox, follow the steps below:

  1. Login on office365, then admin center after that Exchange admin center.
  2. Click your picture on the upper right corner of the page, select Another user and double click the shared mailbox.
  3. Navigate to organize email – automatic replies. Select Send automatic replies and type the content for the replies for internal users and external users respectively. Click Save at last.