How to remove Star Leaf recorded Videos

Login on StarLeaf portal
Or open StarLeaf app

When you are in the portal, go to

There you can find all video recordings you are responsible for.

Click on   to download the recording you want to save

Click on to delete the recording


Invite Starleaf to Skype for Busniess Meeting

How to join Starleaf to Skype for Business Meeting

  1. a. You have recived skype for business meeting.
    b. Open up the meeting in your schedule
    c. Look for forward button

  • You need to change Address book to All Rooms
    Look for the StarLeaf room you want to invite
    And you need to add StarLeaf address
    in resources area like the image below

    When you are done, press OK
    Send update (if its StarLeaf conference might be good to add it too so the room is booked)

Very soon the green button on the display will appear and you can join the skype for the business meeting.

Joining a booked conference Starleaf

Joining a conference

  1. When someone has invited you to a meeting (more than 1-to-1 meeting) you’ll get a green button in the top left corner indicating the meeting. Join the meeting by clicking the green button (1). Do not try to call the conference room/inviter directly, just press the green button. If you don’t have a green button you haven’t been invited to the meeting.
  2. You are now at the meeting.

    Connection details can be viewed (1), volume, mic settings (2) and camera settings (3) can be set in the bottom right corner.