Corona vs IT

Apologies for missing items, I hope all of you out there are doing well and are staying home and safe from Coronal. It’s really scary how a virus knocks out society, but it also put things at the forefront.
The pressure has increased that you should be able to work or access the internet anywhere. So computers, mobiles, and networks really put in for tough testing now. With that, it is also required that security is in the game and on sitting at the sideline. Does on the other side who want to access your things do not rest they have increased their activity, and are not companies ready for storms of attacks they will soon be taken in their bed, many companies and authorities around the world have already been exposed.

Be safe, and take care of your self and does around you

Interesting site that knows good information about the status around Corona.
Johns Hopkins University

Unfortunately, this information can be misleading as every countries count differently when it comes to death by Corona.

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