Veeam does nothing after database recovery

Have you created a new database for Veeam backup of some reason like this?
Make sure to check that all jobs that you want to run are running.

All jobs seem to end up as disabled as default. 
So if the job has this icon like this a front of the name, then it is disabled.

How to remove it, just right-click on it and click on Disable and it will be removed.

After that disable is turned off, and the job will run as they are scheduled.

Veeam backup restore entire drive on a server

Is entire drive gone or you can’t boot up a server?
And you don’t want to restore entire machine/server.
Let’s just restore damaged drive
(this guide is for VMware and it will replace old drive)
You follow this guide on your own risk, we take no responsibility

Click on Home in the bottom menu
Then Home top menu, after that Restore and then VMware vSphere.
Restore from backup
Now Entire VM restore (entire VM or virtual disk)

Search for the machine that has a problem with then and pick it
Click Next
Pick Restore point
Pick Correct disk or machine

Make sure you pick right disk, so
Here is a way you can try to make sure you pick correct

(pick Same a source)
Skip scanning for malware (up to you)
Write Reason
Do not pick power on when restore is done

When the restore is done
Wait for about 1-3 min to make sure its done before powering on the server to avoid something is getting broken.

Veeam backup restore on file level

So you need to restore a file that something has happened too and don’t need to restore the entire hard disc or VM machine?
(Try this guide it’s for VMware)
You follow this guide on your own risk, we take no responsibility

Home menu Restore Vmware Sphere

Restore from backup Guest file restore Windows Search for the machine

Pick restore date, write reason the finished.
Now it will start the process

It’s mounting the restore point, this part can take a while.
When this is done this window should pop up

Then you can navigate to the file, pick restore keep/overwrite or copy to another destination.