How to fetch ESX config with SSH

If you cant connect to ESX with SSH
If you can, you can scroll down to ” SSH to EXS host login with the root”

Login to Vcenter with Vmwarevsphere web client
Pick Esx, pick Manage to the left, then you will have a menu called Settings.
Then you go to the Security Profile.

ESX config with SSH 1

Now you can click on Edit (not sure if it’s necessary to mark SSH?)

ESX config with SSH 2

Mark SSH and click on Start or Stop depending on what you want to do

ESX config with SSH 3

SSH to EXS host login with root

Run this command: vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/backup_config
Bundle can be downloaded at : http://*/downloads/random.url/configBundle-localhost.tgz
Replace * with IP for that ESX host.
Surf to that URL and you can download the config file

And you’re done.

Don’t forget to turn off SSH to EXS if that you want

How to give more space to a VM machine

How do you exspand harddisk in Windows VM?

How to give more space to a VM machine?

  1. Startup vSphere Client with admin and look for the server you need to give it a bigger disk
  • Now login with RDP on that machine and go to the server manager.
    Storage Disk Management, now you can see all the disk,
    Compare so it’s right with information to go you get in vSphere
  • When you have found the correct one, you change the size click OK
    IMPORTANT: never decrease a Size or else you can break the VM.
    So it
    increases many times to avoid that.

  • Now you go back to Server Manager on the server and press F5 and you can see the new space.

  • Click on the disk and pick extend make sure it picks the new extra space and then next, next finished.

Reboot vSphere VCenter Host

Login on vSphere Client against your vSphere host

Look for your host machine

Then go to Summary and check Host: (ESXi IP)

Now start a new vSphere session (on the same machine or on another) to reach that IP login on that ESXi host.

When you are in, look for host machine again what should found somewhere on this host.

When you found it

There is two ways to go now
1. right-click and pick guest reboot (a simple reboot might not be good options).

2. Open Console on that machine, Press F12
Then Press again F12, now you probably need to log in with a root account.

After having login with the root account.
Press F11 reboot